About Flying Academy

Years of experience in training of pilot professionals, impeccable safety record, dedicated staff, and a high level of professionalism of our flight instructors make Flying Academy one of the most reliable and fastest-growing schools in Europe, and in the USA.

We have been preparing Pilots to the highest standards of the industry to be ready for the Airline environment for over three decades.  We have multiple flight training bases in both Europe and in the USA.


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Training sessions

Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our Instructors  and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare you for your exams while taking up the least amount of your time possible. 35 years of aviation teaching experience will help you clear all your DGCA and WPC exams from the convenience of your home through our online classes.

Flying Academy offers a ‘License Conversion Course’ for valid CPL or CPL/IR license holders that have been issued overseas and intends to convert it to a valid Indian CPL. This course is offered both for single and multi-engine aircraft. FA  provides expert guidance required for the License Conversion Examination conducted by DGCA, as per the rules of the Government of India.



Training will be conducted by our highly experienced instructors.  Training sessions will be comprised of both activities and lectures that will touch upon the following subjects:

The training is based on DGCA standards and requirements.

One of the most challenging examinations that you as student pilot facing in India is the DGCA CPL Written Examinations, with the pass percentage of 70 and a demanding syllabus, Our Flying Academy will help you with experienced and world-class instructors to successfully pass in this DGCA pilot license examination in the shortest possible time. The conversion process involves two DGCA theoretical exams.

Training will be carried out in our innovative virtual classrooms and conducted by our brilliant flight instructors. This theoretical training includes extensive lectures, extensive consultations, as well as interactive activities and assignments. The following are the covered subjects:

  • Air Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology 
  • Air Regulations
  • Radio Telephony  
  • Technical


Air Regulation
RTR(A) or Radio Telephony Restricted(Aeronautical)

RTR License & Exam as its one of the important license required to obtain CPL/ATPL and all commercial/airline pilots must possess this license and maintain its currency throughout his flying career without that they are not authorize to use aircraft radio equipments because aeronautical communication is completely dependent on radio communication, so for smooth and safe operation of aviation sector, pilots must have desired level of knowledge and proficiency . Also this exam is considered to be the toughest exam in aviation because it’s a different type of exam…that’s why it’s important to know examination structure and other details which i have covered in this video, also this exam is conducted by WPC ( i.e Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing ) and three types of License are issued i.e RTR ( A ) , ( P ) & ( C ) …on basis of your foreign FRTOL & CPL plus rules related to RTR or Conversion/Permit keep changing time to time that’s why always follow latest guidelines and instructions as given on official site of WPC& DGCA


Feel free to contact us. Our instructors are always ready to answer any questions.

DGCA + Program

DGCA + program is for students who wish to become a pilot in India, but would like to complete their flight training abroad. This program starts with preparation and successfully passing your DGCA exams, for which you will attend Air Navigation, Air Regulation, and Meteorology. As well as The Radio Telephony (R ) exam, for which you will also extensively prepare for thanks to Flying Academy’s excellent instructors, and equipped with the latest technology, a thorough question bank with over 3000 practice questions, and many more interactive study tools and handbooks, all available on your eLearning portal (Learning Management System), which make for great accessories for your optimum online courses and overall aeronautical proficient education.

After having cleared all theoretical examinations, you will complete your practical training in either one of our sublime bases, being in the United States, or Europe. You will complete the entirety of your flight training by first completing your PPL, then IR, MEP, and finally, your CPL! And last, but certainly not least, students also have the opportunity to receive an exclusive $1000 discount whilst completing his or her pilot training course!

DGCA Program

This more basic program is for students wishing to complete their practical training locally, in India. This program consists of DGCA ground examination preparation, including Air Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, and Technical, all carried out with our brilliantly talented instructors, as per usual, in our state of the art virtual classrooms, which offer you optimum connectivity, as well as interactivity, all with the assistance of the new and improved eLearning portal (Learning Management System). eLearning now offers way more effective study tools such as handbooks, interactive assignments, a loaded question bank with over 3000 questions, and segregated chapters that will help you become the best pilot you can be!

Fee list

For students planning on completing flight training locally in India
Air Navigation - 50 000 ₹
Air Regulation - 25 000 ₹
Meteorology - 25 000 ₹
Technical - 50 000 ₹
eLearning DGCA Testing Portal
For students planning on completing their practical training in one of the Flying Academy’s bases
Navigation - 50 000 ₹
Regulation - 25 000 ₹
Meteorology - 25 000 ₹
RT ( R) - 35 000 ₹
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Advantages of Flying Academy’s DGCA program

-The training facilities at Flying Academy are years ahead in sophistication. -The teaching methodology is current, uses an interactive approach, and is conducted by brilliantly talented Flight instructors. 

-The wide variety of the modern fleet allows for a smooth and meticulous practical training. Furthermore, virtual classrooms are set up with state of the art technology and an abundance of interactive learning parameters to make sure students unlock their full potential. 

-You will gain access to the all inclusive Learning management System (eLearning), fully equipped with handbooks, practice tests, original videos, assignments, tutorials, presentations, and many more tools which form the 21st century pilot…


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-Additionally, we will also convert your license, or bridge it, according to DGCA standards.

-Within 3 months, you’ll be able to finish the course and convert your license as well ! 

-Free consultations are in hand! Our beloved student advisors are fully aware of DGCA  procedures, and will provide you with a computer number, and will enroll you in the exams as well. 

-Schedule and attend online Bridge CPL classes and get your theoretical certificate 

We equip our students with all the required skills and knowledge to prepare them to successfully complete their exams to stand out as proper pilots of the future.​

Our idea of providing individual CPL classes was formulated with the aim to help pave a clear-cut path for the future pilots of India and around the globe to realize their passion for flying.

Our team comprises airline pilots with extensive experience in teaching at various institutes. Being in the field of education for several years now, we have come to realize the importance of individual attention that each student seeks. Our focus on quality ensures our students receive the most dynamic and diverse educational foundation to always stay at the forefront.

We offer pilot aspirants the opportunity of individual/1-on-1 classes, where they are given their own time slots to strengthen core subject knowledge and clear doubts on-the-go to stand out as a well read pilot. We also provide classes on weekends to candidates who have full time jobs.

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